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Updates from the Principal Advisory Council

From the VP of Curriculum and Instruction

This is just your friendly (and yearly) reminder about our homework policy:

"Homework is designed to support the instructional process at Bellarmine Preparatory School. Expectations will include reading, practice of concepts and reflection. Homework focuses primarily on preparation for the next class period in each content are through reading, review and reinforcement of skills.

"Bellarmine believes that homework reinforces, enriches and enhances independent learning and organizational skills. Each academic department determines the homework percentage of the final grade, and students in the college preparatory program should expect 15-30 minutes of homework for each class period. Advanced and AP courses may exceed this parameter (30-60 minutes)" (Course Catalog, pg. 4).

Please review your homework expectations to ensure they comply with our policy. Occasionally the expectation for college prep classes may increase (major paper or project, for example), but on average your students should need no more than 15-30 minutes to complete an assignment for your course.

Lastly, please work with your PLC to ensure your homework expectations are consistent with the others teaching the same course.