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Updates from the Principal Advisory Council

From the VP of Formation and Professional Development

Professional Development Updates

In the Profile of an Ignatian Educator distributed by the Jesuit Schools Network and updated in 2015, there are 5 components of an Ignatian educator. One of the components state that an Ignatian Educator discerns ways of teaching and Learning and strives to be a critically reflective teacher who evaluates instruction in light of department goals and the overall mission of the school. 

Last night at an Ignatian evening for our first year teachers and staff and their companions, we reflected on this document and discussed what it means to be an Ignatian educator. The realization that becoming an Ignatian Educator is an ongoing reflective and collaborative process became evident. Much gratitude was shared that we are all on this journey in partnership with our students, parents, lay colleagues and our Jesuit colleagues. We noticed that all the parts of becoming an Ignatian educator is a response to the call to the Magis.

During Summer Academy and opening days, we introduced the theme “Teaching With Purpose”. Using the CEL5D as our teaching and learning framework we are taking a laser look at the Purpose dimension this year. What does that mean for each one of us, recognizing that we are all in different places.

October 21st is our Teacher In-service day. Leaders from the Center for Educational Leadership will facilitate our day. We are asked to reflect on teaching and learning in light of the dimension of Purpose. Sometimes to reflect closely on one small part of the framework offers a collective understanding of what this can mean for all of us as Ignatian Educators.


Outside PD

Use this link to make a request for funding

Department chairs have requested consideration for national and local conferences in their subject area. Please let your department chair know if you are interested in attending a conference.

Upcoming Conferences for departments

  • ACTFL 11/22
  • WAFLT 10/10
  • Theology Fall Province Gathering 10/21

Upcoming PD at Bellarmine

  • Showbie and Socrative Webinar Part 3: If you did not attend Part 1 or 2, you can still join this one: Oct 10th in the Green Room.

Please see important dates for details on Wednesday Late Starts.