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Updates from the Principal Advisory Council

From the VP of Formation and Professional Development


Pilgrimage: Jenny Phillips, Jacob Singer, Ginny White, John Chase, and Rick Barnhart led our seniors and juniors this past weekend on a successful Pilgrimage with 128 students and over 20 adults. There are so many moving parts and people that make this retreat work. Thank you everyone who attended and helped provide an unforgettable experience for the class of 2020.

Sophomore Men’s and Women’s Retreat takes place on October 6-7 led by Brandy Lindstrom, Emily Andresen, Josh Barnes and Gary Mayne. About 100 students and over 16 adults will be participating in this event. Please keep these students in your prayers as they embark on this very powerful retreat. Also, please support our subbing needs as both retreats require many of our adults to participate. 

Junior Encounters: Tony Rehberger, Mark Modarelli and Jennifer O’Loughlin will lead our Juniors on these retreats. This year we are offering a two women's and two men’s retreats as our junior class numbers are lower. The directors are working hard to make this work for all the retreatants. This means we will need more chaperones during these weekends. Some of you have already signed up, but we may need more. Please look at for the requests. 

  • The men’s encounter will be on October 26-28
  • The women’s encounter will be on November 9-11

Please remember to do your best to provide as many Palanca to the Juniors possible. For those that are newer, below is an explanation of a Palanca. Palanca is a Spanish word which means lever.

Archimede levant la terre

"Give me a lever and a

fulcrum and I will lift up 

the Earth " - Archimedes

A lever (palanca) is a fixed body, typically a metal bar, pivoted on a fixed fulcrum used to move or lift a load. We use a lever to overcome a resistance.

In the same way that the lever enables a person to lift something which is beyond his or her strength, the prayers and sacrifices lifts up the retreatant. The palancas help to overcome the resistance to grace for those for whom we pray. 

Palancas for the encounter are letters written to the Juniors to lift them up through prayer and confirmations. Please place all Palanca in the mailroom in a box by the window sill, or in the box in Kristine Zelazny's office. Please tell students that they can place their palancas in the the Campus Ministry mail slot, or in the Student Services Office. 


Campus Ministry Committee

The Campus Ministry Committee meets once a month to discuss and put into action the future programs and goals and values of the campus ministry program. After a careful review last year, this committee has formed to discuss key areas of the program. Examples of topics include but are not limited to: programs, leadership, structure, location, quality, partnerships, goals, student needs, etc. If you have any questions feel free to speak to any member of our committee - Jody, Debbie, Josh, Alejandro, Mark, Becky, Jennifer, Cari and Anna.