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Updates from the Principal Advisory Council

From VP of Formation and Professional Development

Campus Ministry Updates

All Saints Schedule
Bill sent an email out earlier last week and I wanted to remind you of the schedule for All Saints Day Nov. 1st. Also, Please consider attending mass in the chapel on this day.

Next Friday, November 1st, is both All Saints Day and our Homecoming Assembly. To accommodate both of these events, the daily schedule will look a little different. Lunch is based on 8th period and passing time is 5 minutes. Patrea will be sending out additional information about the assembly as the date approaches. Thanks for your flexibility and attention to this change.

All (invitational):

  • 8:00-8:50 All Saints Mass

1st Lunch:

  • 5th 9-10:10 (Examen will be at the beginning)
  • 7th 10:15-11:25
  • Lunch
  • 8th 12:05-1:15
  • 6th 1:20-2:30

2nd Lunch:

  • 5th 9-10:10 (Examen will be at the beginning)
  • 7th 10:15-11:25
  • 8th 11:30-12:40
  • Lunch
  • 6th 1:20-2:30

Liturgies at Bellarmine: In order to communicate clearly with our community.

In order to better communicate our liturgical offerings and be consistent with our language, Bill Eckert and Fr. Ohno wrote this description of our offerings during the school year. Hopefully this will help you articulate what the events are what they entail. We will add this to our website soon.

Bellarmine Preparatory School, as a Catholic institution in the Jesuit tradition, offers a variety of prayer experiences for our students and staff throughout the school year. Every Monday and Tuesday during the school year, our Jesuit priests offer early morning Mass for students, staff, and community. On the Thursday or Friday of the week, the school offers either a Mass or a non-Eucharistic liturgy for the school community based on the school calendar.

While our Masses and liturgies come from our Catholic tradition, we invite all students and staff to attend regardless of their faith backgrounds. These are times for us to gather as a community to give thanks to our loving God. Additionally, parents and family who wish to attend can come to any of our Masses or non-Eucharistic liturgies and prayer services.

These Masses and liturgies take the following form:

  • Three all school Masses: in September for the Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine, in December for Advent as a preparation for Christmas, and in the spring for Ash Wednesday;
  • Sacrament of reconciliation services during Advent and Lent;
  • One Mass for each grade level;
  • One Mass and one non-Eucharistic liturgy for each House;
  • Three blessing services for our fall, winter, and spring activities and athletic programs;
  • Masses for Holy Days that fall on a school day (All Saints on November 1st and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of December 8th);
  • Two non-Eucharistic liturgies in November for Thanksgiving week and for the remembrance of all who have died;
  • Ecumenical Prayer Service for Christian Unity in January.

Finally, each year we invite the bishops of the Archdiocese of Seattle as well as the pastors and youth ministers of our local parishes to join us in our Masses here at Bellarmine. These are special occasions that invite our students to see the larger Church community that surrounds them.

Check the school calendar for details about these times of prayer, and feel free to contact our liturgical director, Deacon Bill Eckert, with questions:


Chapel Protocol

In order to keep the chapel prepared for services, a chapel use protocol was created. If you are interested in reserving the chapel, please review this protocol and note that images are posted on the inside of the closet door located closest to the doors to the main admin building.

Chapel Use Protocol: Thank you

Please contact Bill Eckert if you have any questions or concerns.


  1. Respect and reverence is needed in the chapel in a way that is different from other places on campus.
  2. No items should be placed on the altar at any time.
  3. The sanctuary lamp near the crucifix is a reminder that the Eucharist is present; please note that this is the Real Presence of the Lord.
  4. Please pick up any materials, handouts or garbage left after the event.
  5. Please refer to photos on how to replace the chapel furniture into the correct location.
    • Chairs are in 7x7 grids or 6x7 grids. 
    • The choir section needs to be reset to its original state.
    • Photos are taped inside of the closet door next to the double doors going into the Administration Building.

Upcoming Student/Employee Retreats

  • Men’s encounter Oct 26-28
  • Women’s Encounter Nov. 9-11
  • Montserrat Nov. 23-24
  • Employee Retreat Nov. 15

*Please write our Juniors as they attend the encounters. Drop off letters in the employee mailroom in the box below the window.