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Updates from the Principal Advisory Council

From the Dean of Students

Campus Safety & Security Priorities and Updates:

Classroom phones: Please make sure that your classroom phone’s ringer and volume are ON.  If your phone rings in your classroom, please answer it. The phone system is a quick, and efficient way for administrators or administrative assistants to contact you.  The classroom phones are only going to ring when an administrator needs to contact you; your personal phone extensions are not the same as the classroom phones. The only calls that can be made from the classrooms are to other internal extensions and 911.

If you have any questions about the classroom phones, please see Chelsey Rosario.

Drill Evaluation:

Thank you to the 53 people who completed the Google survey after our Evacuation drill on October 30th.  Here are a few reminders for everyone: If you are not sure who your partner is or where to line up on the field, please refer to your orange folder and/or meet with Kristine Zelazny or me.

Kristine will send an email to all Runners and First Aid Providers with specific details about your role and responsibilities.

Intruder Drill:

Our next drill will be an intruder drill; please review the procedures for students and faculty. The drill will be unannounced.